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in Slovenia, you can buy a Black Latte charcoal for weight loss only on the official website for 39 €. To place an order, you need:

  • leave a request on the site. To do this, you have to fill out a form, giving your name and cell phone number;
  • waits for the operator's call (he usually calls back within minutes) and discusses all the order details: product quantity, delivery city, etc. v.
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Doctor's recommendations

Doctor Nutritionist Matic Doctor Matic
16 years
Many people in Slovenia take drastic measures to lose weight with the classical methods. At the same time, they do not consider their health status, do not take into account the specifics of their metabolism. Latte charcoal is a remedy against the etiology of obesity and is suitable for people from different backgrounds. This slimming cocktail has a complex effect, taking into account the individual properties of the body. This is the best way to lose weight, as the only prerequisite is one cup of coffee per day.

Being overweight is a problem for any woman. Aside from the fact that it has negative effects on health and fitness, its consequences often turn into emotional problems: depression, low self-esteem, it's difficult to get rid of. Classic weight loss methods (more physical activity, changing diet to less calorie foods) yield the desired results, however, such drastic measures are not in place. everybody. Black Latte Charcoal Slimming Latte is an effective alternative to fatigue training and various diets.

Latte black charcoal for weight loss

What is this

Black Latte is a coffee concentrate formed by combining L-carnitine and caffeine. This product was first used in a cafe in Seoul - by mixing coffee, L-carnitine and activated carbon as a sorbent, the Koreans achieved a rich, flavorful black drink. almost like an ordinary coffee.

in Slovenia, many people note the pleasant taste of cocktails, although charcoal can stick to teeth due to its unusual composition. Black Latte makes it possible to lose another 6-10 pounds without drastic changes to your lifestyle. Instead of spending hours in the gym or starving, drinking one cup of coal latte a day will help you lose weight and get rid of toxins, as well as keep energizing for the day.


Black Latte's positive effect is ensured by its balanced composition, which includes:

Scientific studies of the Black Latte drink in fact have proven its effectiveness - over 90% of test participants, who have been drinking charcoal latte for four weeks, may have a reduction of between 5 and 8kg while following their usual lifestyle. In addition, they noted other aspects of Black Latte's influence, for example, many of them improved stomach function, while at the same time disappearing stress and irritability.


Among the features of coal latte, which promote active fat burning and speed up metabolism, the most notable are:


The effects of Black Latte on metabolism

Within minutes of drinking the drink, the body's metabolism is activated and fat burning begins. First, the digestive tract is cleaned, toxins removed, under the action of L-carnitine, the vessel walls are cleaned, excess cholesterol and glucose are removed. The composition of the drink, rich in active substances, contributes to accelerated fat breakdown.

Black Latte has a tonic and protein-saturated effect, reducing appetite and increasing physical performance. With the help of this delicious drink, you can reach your goals much faster and easier and reinforce the results.

Black Latte performs several functions:

In general, Black Latte contributes to weight loss based on four important aspects:

  1. Increases energy

    One of the ingredients of the drink is coconut milk, which helps maintain the necessary energy levels in the body and reduces the feeling of hunger.

  2. Responsible for the detox

    Activated carbon is a strong adsorbent that helps to cleanse the body of actively discharged toxins during subcutaneous fat burning.

  3. Actively burns fat cells

    Exercise and diet contribute to the uneven fat breakdown, so body weight fluctuates continuously. L-Carnitine provides a constant rate of fat burning, regardless of diet.

  4. Fixed end result

    The main problem for people who have lost weight all of a sudden is the return of previous kilos. It is caused by a disorder of lipid metabolism, when the body does not get enough fat. To regulate these processes, Black Latte contains Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Well being, underweight, as well as stretch marks and cellulite are not the only things that charcoal latte for weight loss helps. Drinking this drink helps form a healthy and correct diet - not overeating; Cut back on overeating sweet or fatty foods so that weight problems will no longer arise.

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